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Donation Rules!

I am willing to do commission , and you can speak to me on this if you email me using: or social media accounts. Almost all of them i use Cuernosbeste. I dont ask for much for my drawings, but please be respectful with how what you want me to draw.

Possible things i want to get paid for. (id appreciate to at least want me to do 1$ worth of commissions)
50 Cents= A rough sketch
*25 cents per character
2$= a cleaned out sketch
1$= a rough sketch colored
3$= cleaned sketch colored
5$ =line and color
8$= line,color and shading
10$= everything plus textures
12$= background designed plus everything above

P.S. Only close friends can ask me to do Donation Points and this is just for me to help me financially. Since, at the moment i dont have a job.



Feb 11, 2016
6:40 pm
Feb 10, 2016
7:00 pm
Feb 10, 2016
12:26 am
Feb 10, 2016
12:20 am
Feb 9, 2016
5:20 pm


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Michelle Marin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
TUMBLR: http:/ (shenanigans you'll rarely see my art but you can get to know me better here)
Instagram: (i mostly put sketches i work on here and my everyday life)
youtube:… (watch me watch silly videos haha)

Anyone interested in more Steven Universe? 

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1 deviant said i prefer your original work (thanks ; ; )
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jump Sunny by CuernosBeste
jump Sunny
Idk fanart stuff has been like?? i guess. Im also gonna be busy all week with hw and work...(also this is lunar when shes older)
EvilPearl au by CuernosBeste
EvilPearl au
I was in my emotions all week and i thought of pearls history. I thought what if she ended Roses life and everything changed. Maybe steven could of been born a normal human? Some ideas me and my friends thought of was what if Amethyst was controlled by Pearl, but they did actually got romantically engaged. The only person who wouldnt be with them would be Garnet...So, maybe this week ill design how theyd look like and maybe tweak Pearls design a bit.
I find it funny that now im just drawing with realy large canvases when before my computer would freeze if i did that. Now im planning on finishing the ones i had super huge before, but couldnt because of the lag.
Peridot build by CuernosBeste
Peridot build
I've been wanting to draw peri human version for a while and i thought yesterday itd be fun to do speedpaint of me just sketching her out as i go. Cause i had no idea what to do with her design. Then i realized why not a computer builder? Everyone keeps thinking cars and machines, but if she was a young adult who still couldnt get a job in machine i think shed do pc building a lot. (i should know because i use to do this and do this from time to time).
Peridot Build [SpeedPaint]
Anyone interested in more Steven Universe?
1 deviant said yeah!!
1 deviant said i prefer your original work (thanks ; ; )
No deviants said no
Pearl Trio by CuernosBeste
Pearl Trio
Hello everyone! Im like a week late from posting something for Su bomb. Either way i made another speed paint video but this one has commentary! Its a bit of an introduction for myself and a friend of mine. The video talks about me for the most part and even a bit on the drawing. I plan on trying to make one speedpaint video a week and some of them will have commentary with a friend or even me explaining some things about certain pictures. Itll depend really but i also might record some gameplay, but for now i wont because im still deciding on a program to use. The one i have currently works really well with making my videos into 720p, but possibly ill buy one and not just use a free version haha. So, thanks if you enjoyed this piece and watched the video!
Pearl Trip [SpeedPaint] Twice as fast
Pearl Trio [SpeedPaint] +Commentary
Two new possible videos will be coming out this month (what's left of it. I'm currently working on speed paint for Steven bomb and it's gonna be a quick commentary. Next video will also be a commentary but I'll be answering any questions people want to know about me. You can ask right away rn and I'll answer them in the upcoming video (so Q&A sort of deal. Anyway, have a good night everyone :3

embedded_item1452762354274 by CuernosBeste
Older Mare: First and Final Version by CuernosBeste
Older Mare: First and Final Version
Ive never actually posted my drawings of my OC Mare when shes older. I thought itd be nice to redraw her a bit (i got lazy a bit heuheu) and draw her final version. Since, ive been working on the final version for a while and i think shes close to how i want her. Although, I still would like to change her clothing around just for fun. Also, there was one drawing i did of her older on here, but its sort of a version thats before this one. I have many other sketches as well of different fighting scenes and how shed look. Not sure if anyone would like to see that or ill just dump em on tumblr soon.
Furry oc who has no name by CuernosBeste
Furry oc who has no name
Work is very tiring. I'm considering of making comics of what I've experienced.. Anyway, here's a kind of two week old pic of me redrawing my adopted oc from like middle school (i think). I wanted to finish him, but haven't had time to look back at it.
Sinful Death by CuernosBeste
Sinful Death
Finally cleaned up my feed and i can say I'll probably look at any people I watch from now on. Probably a few times a week and if school/work doesn't get me possibly post a few drawings. Maybe even streams and continue speed paints since I've downloaded a few programs to help with things like that. Anyway, hope everyone had a good holiday 🍻!
Here's a drawing I did last night super quick and I sort of want some critique on this, or ideas. For awhile now I've been thinking of changing Skull devil to Sinful Death because the name doesn't match my story anymore. (this is a practice cover)
Quick thing. If anyone uses periscope you can follow my twitter to get some streaming. I might also give my snapchat if I want?? But idk I don't post anything but dumb life stuff.
Twitter: Cuernosbeste
Periscope: (for some reason) firewolf2007 or cuernosbeste idk
Also here have a joker I guess.
(this was made when I tested my tablet after reseting my files and it was ok but mostly laggy at first.)

#jokerbatman #joker #jokerdarkknight #jokerdrawing #jokersketch #sketch # batman #batmandarkknight

embedded_item1446967202364 by CuernosBeste
My pc is being dumb and Im getting scared of saving my stuff every fucking time. Either way here's another reference I'm working on. This one was easier because I actually used my head for coloring faster and saved a lot of times without my pc crashing. I haven't shown her with her face yet.. So let's leave it like that until I finish the reference lol. I'm gonna clean the other one up maybe tomorrow because I just haven't been able to.
#whatamidoingwithmylife #fuckmypc #NOW I GONNA WAKE UP DO MY LAUNDRY AND HOME WORK I GUESS #FML

embedded_item1446966825686 by CuernosBeste


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