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Donation Rules!

I am willing to do commission , and you can speak to me on this if you email me using: or social media accounts. Almost all of them i use Cuernosbeste. I dont ask for much for my drawings, but please be respectful with how what you want me to draw.

Possible things i want to get paid for. (id appreciate to at least want me to do 1$ worth of commissions)
50 Cents= A rough sketch
*25 cents per character
2$= a cleaned out sketch
1$= a rough sketch colored
3$= cleaned sketch colored
5$ =line and color
8$= line,color and shading
10$= everything plus textures
12$= background designed plus everything above

P.S. Only close friends can ask me to do Donation Points and this is just for me to help me financially. Since, at the moment i dont have a job.



Nov 19, 2015
2:01 pm
Nov 15, 2015
8:54 am
Nov 14, 2015
2:56 am
Nov 8, 2015
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Nov 3, 2015
3:22 am


Quick thing. If anyone uses periscope you can follow my twitter to get some streaming. I might also give my snapchat if I want?? But idk I don't post anything but dumb life stuff.
Twitter: Cuernosbeste
Periscope: (for some reason) firewolf2007 or cuernosbeste idk
Also here have a joker I guess.
(this was made when I tested my tablet after reseting my files and it was ok but mostly laggy at first.)

#jokerbatman #joker #jokerdarkknight #jokerdrawing #jokersketch #sketch # batman #batmandarkknight

embedded_item1446967202364 by CuernosBeste
My pc is being dumb and Im getting scared of saving my stuff every fucking time. Either way here's another reference I'm working on. This one was easier because I actually used my head for coloring faster and saved a lot of times without my pc crashing. I haven't shown her with her face yet.. So let's leave it like that until I finish the reference lol. I'm gonna clean the other one up maybe tomorrow because I just haven't been able to.
#whatamidoingwithmylife #fuckmypc #NOW I GONNA WAKE UP DO MY LAUNDRY AND HOME WORK I GUESS #FML

embedded_item1446966825686 by CuernosBeste
Lila reference sheet by CuernosBeste
Lila reference sheet
I wanted to finalize the design for Lila because her hairstyle kept reminding me of scenes people. Then i wanted to bring out her bright colors and thus this was made on halloween.
Nuumite transparent by CuernosBeste
Nuumite transparent
I made a entry for one a gemsona blog and just remembered to post it on here *q*. Sorta redrew nuumites clothing a bit, but they arent that different from the original. Now, HERE YOU GO A TRANSPARENT NUUMITE FOR YOUR NEEDS. (or naw)
Have Mercy
Well, i hope theres been people who have been still interest in my work. Ive been really focusing in my life at the moment. So, i haven't had time to post anything on here, but if you've been on my tumblr, twitter or even snapchat you'd know about the dumb little things i post. I decided to work little by little on art because for now im still in school starting my basics. After that i may have a thought of getting into art? I know it will be something an art career but im still not sure what ill get into after finishing my basics. Anyway, thanks for waiting patiently and heres a drawing i worked on this week.
If you want to follow on what im doing you see me on
Tumblr (Personal blog): Cuernosbeste
Tumblr (art blog): Cuernosdraws
Snapchat: endling_michan
twitter: Cuernosbeste
Periscope: firewolf2007
btw this was redrawn picture of by CuernosBeste
Te amo mi amor by CuernosBeste
Te amo mi amor
Anyone remembering the little sketch of the mermaid and Wolf or Lobo y sirena pic. I'm probably going to continue a story for them and maybe add some monsters. So, who knows if I'll post the references for the other monsters I had in mind. If I do make comics they'll probably 4 panels or around there. (also posting this on my phone so hope it's clear enough :3)
Preview of day 4. I haven't posted anything because I went to mexico this weekend lmao. I have day 4 to 7 in my sketchbook. So, if anyone wants to see that just ask and I'll post them maybe on tumblr or Instagram. 

embedded_item1436066848541 by CuernosBeste
30 DAY SU- Day 3: Pearl by CuernosBeste
30 DAY SU- Day 3: Pearl
Probably tomorrow will be the last day ill use different brushes than i usually use ;q; (i wonder if i should use a crayon brush for stevens haha)
30 DAY SU- Day 2: Amethyst by CuernosBeste
30 DAY SU- Day 2: Amethyst
I wanted to draw Amethyst is sorta the other artists in SU use to draw some of the characters :3c. (also im trying to match how i draw with the char personality lol)
Which is better?
3 deviants said Steven Universe Fanart
1 deviant said GAY MARRIAGE /Insert everyone turning their icons into rainbows
No deviants said Original Content (OCs i draw about)
30 DAY SU- Day 1: Garnet by CuernosBeste
30 DAY SU- Day 1: Garnet
There was a 30 day steven universe challenge and i finally found it the other day. (you can just probably google it :P) Atm my hand hurts a bit OTL. I hope i can continue the next few days.
Gato y Zorro by CuernosBeste
Gato y Zorro
I wonder if they're friends.

I was going to make a speedpaint for this but then i messed up in the beginning. Then when i tried to record again suddenly it just stopped recording and none of the lining and part of the coloring got starting with a new piece :I
Nuumite Dance Sketch by CuernosBeste
Nuumite Dance Sketch
I posted this on tumblr and i havent gotten back on it. So, i just decided to post it ;w;/. Well some news i have currently is that Im not sure if im gonna try to get the PC i have currently if it gives out this week ill immediately change it. Another thing is im going to try to do 30 day challege for SU! Might start tomorrow and im going to try to use different brushes, techniques and just new stuff. This might lead to me using photoshop instead of Sai Paint...well i hope i improve on this challenge haha.
btw i used a picture in google to study a few hip hop moves, but not sure if i should practice more on the body soon or not.
So i hit 12k Views on my profile and im pretty happy that my page is getting bigger. I hope to post more art and i have made a few, but they've been posted in either my tumblr or twitter. I do have some steven universe fanart i plan on doing because of Steven Bomb, but atm im busy with my graduation party, driver's licence crap and preparing for college. I might also go for a week to California just for me to chill because ive had some medical problems then with school coming and this might help me with all that im going through. So, while im over there i guess i can work on sketches after this month making me do so much stuff unu.


Michelle Marin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
TUMBLR: http:/ (shenanigans you'll rarely see my art but you can get to know me better here)
Instagram: (i mostly put sketches i work on here and my everyday life)
youtube:… (watch me watch silly videos haha)
small update:
So,, suddenly im posting more deviations and i guess more people are looking at my profile? So, a little bit of myself. I'm gender-queer (please do not get offended and send me notes about this. Just google it and learn better about this because i will ignore you..unless you politely ask) and you can say he she,them, i dont really care. I kinda enjoy being called he when im gaming the most (since everyone seems to think im a 14 year old lol). You can say she or her doesnt matter . It can be whatever you're comfortable with (hey options to call me whatever...but not rude things..) I have many nicknames like; BeastChan, Horn, Dark, Mich, Michan, Machofly (only family calls me this and Michelada ..or however you spell it..spanish drinks these days), Cuernos, CuernosBeste, Darkfreedoma, Darkwinged. These are all mixed with usernames or my real name (Michelle) and it just doesnt matter. I do plan to change firewolf2007 to CuernosBeste probably in the summer (writing this in May) so yeah...Another thing i love designing stuff. wHICH MEANS You can ask for requests because i will be stoked but if im full of like more than 5 for the week then no i cant do it. Usually some problems like my computer and just LIFE will come and ill be busy. Either way i do this as a hobby so i come back to drawing. If you do have a request or art/trade then itll most likely take a few days or even 2-3 weeks if im busy. If not and im inspired ill do it in a few hours lol;; I'm thinking of going into art and design for digital things in two ill be a student probably...If you have any tips for school im always up for that ;A;!! I'm also alright with critiques and ill probably want to explain stuff because thats how i am.. but i know i gotta stop that habit OTL. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN MICHELLE. Anyway, yeah im just up for anything..even gaming (hornedbeast15 for steam)
I use Sai paint for drawing and Photoshop Cs3 to Cs6 (depends if my computer can fucking take it) to edit stuff. I use random programs to play with my art yeah..
As for what i use for drawing i lately have been sketching my stuff and taking pictures of it then using it to draw something on Sai. I play around with traditional sketching and i hope to get into animation more this summer if i get a better PC (BECAUSE THIS ONE IS GR8 AND ALL BUT IT CANT TAKE SHIT.. dont get all in one pc guys..go get MAC or something i guess..or dont let your sister pick your shit for you.)

im also 100% mexican and ill probably be drawing more hispanic drawings because i guess..i just never do that? I have been inspired by some novelas lately...OTL

(ill add more later i guess)


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